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(The html version is super duper laggy, pls only use it to test the game)

Tired of endless runners?

You: Is this just another copycat of endless runners?

Well no but actually yes


Explore the multiverse, as you climb from basically the same map over and over again

Modify the game to your hearts content 


To Do List

1.Make an Android Version

2.Epic Boss Fights

3.Moorrreee Mappsss

4.Pets, houses, and etc

5.More Items in shop like shield, revive, headstart, and more

6.Multiplayer Capability

7.Unique enemies for every map / more enemies

8.Code Cleanup

9.Multithread some workload

10.Hall of fame for Html Version of the game

Known Bugs(Developer is currently too lazy to fix)

1.GraphicsCard is not affected by Magnet

2.Transition at atmosphere level is not smooth

3.The html version is really laggy

About the development of the game

Made with Godot game engine

and is inspired by Minecraft, temple run and everwing

The development of LadderClimber Started @Wednesday, ‎May ‎22, ‎2019, ‏‎3:46:40 PM

and is the first ever project i started in godot, with the only intention was to practice game development, until sunk cost fallacy grew and grew as the project started to grow

that's why the game have little to no feature for a very long game development process, as it was mostly trial and error 

The game is still in its Pre-alpha stage and thus game play is still lacking and bugs are everywhere

Any feedback is greatly greatly appreciated :)


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LadderClimber Windows 0.0.1[Pre-alpha].zip 22 MB
LadderClimber Linux 0.0.1[Pre-alpha].zip 24 MB
LadderClimber MacOS 0.0.1[Pre-alpha].zip 24 MB

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